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Mouse button repeat added

Now with extended data save, files re-open in as-was state

Also automatically opens most recent file on running in    as-was state

With multi-coloured text paragraphs

And other improvements


For Pc's running Windows

email: kentsoftuk@aol.com

Tel: (44)01634 233953

Terms and conditions
The calculator is suitable for educational and fun use to invoke an interest in matheamstics in users. Although it can be used for other purposes we do accept responsibilty for any loss or damage incurred whatsoever for any reason whatsoever caused by the use of this calculator. On installation a folder named "everyday fsc files" will be created on drive c:, if the calculator is uninstalled this folder will not be removed but can be deleted if required via Windows Explorer. We cannot give refunds for any reason.
You can click here to download a free Test\Demo version to ensure your system is suitable before downloading the full working version version as we cannot give refunds for failed installations.